Providing Care to Pregnant Women

"We know treating pregnant women is safe and results in immediate health benefits to the mother and her baby. We also know by taking care of the mother we will greatly improve the oral health of the child. 

- Dennis Lewis, DDS, President and CEO, Dental Aid, Boulder

Good oral health during pregnancy has benefits for mom and baby!

  • Studies have shown an association between periodontal infection and preterm birth, low birth weight and preeclampsia.  Learn more or visit the Provider Resource tab. 

  • Due to hormones, gingivitis is more common during pregnancy, making pregnant women at increased risk for periodontal disease.

  • A mother’s good oral hygiene following delivery may decrease the amount of cavity-causing bacteria transmitted to her infant during common parenting behavior, such as sharing spoons.

Dental care at any time during pregnancy is the Standard of Care (Supported by ADA, ACOG, AAPD) 

Cavity Free at Three is teaching medical and dental providers how to include oral health services in routine care for women during pregnancy.

To learn more about Cavity Free at Three activities and trainings or for other program information, please contact Cavity Free at Three.

Data Sources: National Consensus Statement, ACOG Committee Opinion