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Cavity Free at Three offers customized, free, on-site training to medical and dental professionals. We provide the skills, knowledge and resources you need to deliver preventive dental/oral health services to infants, toddlers and pregnant women.

Join nearly 5,000 trained child health advocates working to end dental disease in young children!


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Dental Professionals

Complete a training together with your medical colleagues or request an in-person training specifically tailored for dental professionals which addresses tips for growing your dental practice by increasing preventive services for infants, toddlers and pregnant women.


Medical Professionals

To qualify for reimbursement of oral health services through Colorado Medicaid, medical providers must complete either:


  1. Cavity Free at Three training OR
  2. Smiles for Life National Curriculum online.


In-Person Training Option

Training is customized to meet your needs as a medical or dental professional or health care organization.

Full certification training for medical providers is approximately two and a half hours, including presentations on infant oral health and prenatal oral health and a hands-on training module. The training can be customized based on your practice’s needs.

You will receive:

  • Comprehensive training from a certified Cavity Free at Three Master Trainer.

  • Hands-on clinical skills training in oral health evaluation and fluoride varnish. application for infants and toddlers.

  • Current care recommendations for infant and toddler oral health services.

  • Current standards for pregnant women.

  • Starter supply kits (infant oral care kits, patient education materials and implementation tools).

  • Tips for referring clients from medical to dental services.

  • On-going technical assistance to help with implementation, billing, ordering and more.


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Online Training Option

Smiles for Life is an online, national oral health curriculum promoting the integration of oral health and primary care. Medical or Dental providers receive one CE or CDE credit hour per course.


Smiles for Life Courses


  • Complete Course 2 “Child Oral Health” and Course 6 “Caries Risk Assessment and Fluoride Varnish Counseling” to bill oral health services for children up to age 12.

  • If your practice sees pregnant women also complete Course 5 “Pregnancy & Women’s Oral Health”.

  • If your practice provides oral health services to children ages 12-20 years, complete Course 3 “Adult Oral Health”.