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Fluoride Varnish (FV) requires prescriptive authority and must be applied in a medical or dental office. For support staff who are delegated the duties of fluoride varnish application, we recommend the organization implement standing orders

Fluoride standing order example

You can order fluoride varnish wherever is most convenient and financially viable for your practice.

At your training, Cavity Free at Three provides a start-up supply of Infant Oral Health Kits produced by Bayaud Enterprises which include fluoride varnish, necessary supplies for the exam and oral health supplies for the patient to to take home in one convenient package.


Bayaud Enterprises LLC is a non-profit that packages Infant Oral Health Kits.

You can order kits from Bayaud online or by calling 303-830-6885

Each Cavity Free at Three Infant Oral Care Kit includes:

  • One-time application of fluoride varnish to apply during patient visit

  • Gauze to help in the application of fluoride varnish

  • Infant toothbrush

  • Caregiver toothbrush

  • Fluoridated toothpaste - child friendly flavor

  • Parent education leaflet


More About Bayaud 

Bayaud Enterprises offers multiple programs for people experiencing barriers to employment due to mental illness, criminal history, homelessness or physical disabilities. The process of assembling these dental kits furnishes the real work that participants do as part of the vocational assessment and work adjustment programs. Find out more at www.bayaudenterprises.org

You can download and print patient education materials on our Resources Page.