How to Implement

Below are suggestions and resources as you prepare for implementing Cavity Free at Three Services in your organization. 

Much of the work to incorporate Cavity Free at Three into in your organization is upfront in the planning. With a bit of effort in the beginning, providing oral health services will become a seamless part of the way you do business.

Each organization is unique and the healthcare landscape changes constantly. Cavity Free at Three staff are here to help before and after your Cavity Free at Three training.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Step 1: Create Buy-In

Implementing oral health services for children and/or pregnant women is the standard of care and directly connected to the health and well-being of your patients. However, it also makes good business sense and can be a sustainable part of your practice.


Step 2: Contact Cavity Free at Three to plan a training

Contact Cavity Free at Three


Step 3: Prepare for implementation


Step 4: Train

See options for training on the Get Training page.


Step 5: Go Live

Pick a date to start offering your patients oral health services and billing accordingly. We recommend beginning as soon as possible after staff have been trained.

Please reach out to Cavity Free for ongoing support/technical assistance. We are here to help.